Community Communication

Over the coming months, we are hoping to use the Rudry Church Website to showcase what’s going on in the wider community and to keep in touch with the wider area. If you’d be interested in sharing what’s going on in your group or society, please get in touch!


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    Joe Farace says

    Hi there, I have just started publishing the monthly DWR news & Events, which is delivered to almost every house in the Draethen, Waterloo, and Rudry area. The newsletter is published monthly, first one Feb 17, is already out, the next,to be delivered for the first of March, is currently being put together. If you would like to produce a printed newsletter to be inserted into our newsletter, then please get in touch.

    Good luck with your online web site

    Kind regards

    Joe Farace

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      admin says

      Hey Joe,

      Thanks so much for getting in touch, and thank you for thinking of us! We’ll definitely be in touch with you regarding your kind offer 🙂

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