To many, it's just another day in the week. To us, it's the day we set aside to meet together to meet with Jesus.

That's right: we are a group of normal people meeting together, doing life together, all with a common goal: to meet Jesus and involve Him in our lives.

We know church can be a strange thing - we were all new to church once - but we also know that when we meet with Jesus, it makes a world of difference to our lives, our community, and beyond.

Far from the cold, outdated and irrelevant image of church some people have, we offer a warm welcome, informal services with modern music, and Bible teaching that is applicable to life today. We socialise after our services for teas, coffees and snacks, and it's always a great time for catching up and meeting new people.

So whoever you are, come and join us at 9:30am every Sunday at St. James'. You are very welcome!


Is there anything for my kids?
We are committed to making sure that people of all ages are welcome at St. James'. All our services are child friendly and we make a big effort to include them throughout the service, including during the sermon. We also have activities for children which run throughout the year too!

How do I get to St. James'?
View the contact page to see where we are on the map!

Where can I park?
Parking is limited at St. James' as the church is situated on a road. However there is roadside parking available.

What should I expect on a Sunday?
We know church can be a strange thing but we were all new to church once and we reckon you'll like it more than you might think. Some people think church is cold, outdated and irrelevant. We disagree. At St. James' you'll find a warm welcome, cushioned chairs and an informal approach that includes music led by a music group, prayers for our world today, and teaching that applies the Bible to our everyday lives here and now in an easy, accessible way.

How long do the services last?
Services last no more than an hour. Most people often stay behind for a drink and a snack to catch up with each other. There's also the chance to speak to any of the clergy and to make yourself known to us so we can keep in contact.

What should I wear?
Wear whatever you feel comfortable in; some people come in casual dress, others dress smart. We don't really mind and we don't think Jesus does either.

Can I come if I'm not a Christian?
Of course! We believe Jesus wants to meet with everyone and we hope you might encounter Him as you come, even if you're not a Christian.

If you have questions about the Christian faith, why not explore a little more or speak to one of our clergy team?